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August 2017 Event Drop Off Dates (by confirmed appointment only)

Sellers with 150+ items or items needing onsite assembly:

Friday August 11 9am - 12pm
Saturday August 12 9am - 12pm

All sellers:

Friday August 11 12pm - 7pm
Saturday August 12 12pm - 7pm
Sunday August 13 12pm - 5pm

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If you have 150 items or more, click the subject lines below that you would like to bring your items on:

Friday Morning Apt Request
Saturday Morning Apt Request

If you have less than 150 items, click on one of the below subject lines:

Friday Afternoon (12-4) Apt Request
Friday Evening (4-7) Apt Request
Saturday Afternoon (12-4) Apt Request
Saturday Evening (4-7) Apt Request
Sunday Afternoon (12-5) Apt Request

Morning times ~ 9am to 12pm
Afternoon times ~ 12pm to 4pm
Evening times ~ 4pm to 7pm
Sunday times ~ 12pm to 5pm
Our availability can bebextremely limited so your appoinment offered may not be preferred time you list in your request.
Please make sure to list all days (Fri, Sat and Sun) and times you are not available in your request below to help us find something for you!

Returning Helper? Click here for to create an email for a helper drop off request:

Returning Helper Drop Off Request

We will try our best to schedule you within the time interval that you select but when we fill up, we will try to schedule you in any remaining openings or cancelations received.

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Are you a returning seller (yes or no):
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Is there a drop off day/time when you CANNOT bring your items, please list:
Prior seller code or list NEED ONE if new:
City, State:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address(this is where we will send replies/confirmation):
Will you screen ALL your items for recalls(yes-clothing too):
Approximate Number of consignment quality items I would like to bring:
Girls Sizes I want to bring:
Boys Sizes I want to bring:
I am bringing Juniors sizes less than 3 years old and promise I will NOT bring ladies clothing (yes or no):
I am bringing Young Mens Sizes (yes or no):
I am bringing current in style Maternity clothing (yes or no):
If you bringing any furniture please list(rocker, twin beds, or other large item):
Brief description of any other item I want to sell(example-books, dvds, toys):
Would you like your email address added to our notification list so you will receive emails prior to each event(Yes or Already Receive Them):
Do you know anyone who works in media that you could notify about this event?
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Any advertising tips you can give us?
How did you first hear about us?
Do you use any social networks where you would be willing to share our information with others (please list any):
What websites (if any) do you use to look up local happenings/events/sales?
Would you like to volunteer and shop earlier on preview day and shop a half price preview?
Do you save the postcard we mail to you?
FALL-2017 Request

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IMPORTANT - Once you receive your email confirming a spot to sell with us, you will need to follow the instructions in the email to confirm your acceptance of the scheduled date/time and seller code. Since Jeri Lynn schedules all the appointments before sending out confirmations, this may take up to 1 week to get your confirmation during the first few weeks of registration.

Please note that during the event, our emails can get very backlogged.
If you do not receive an autoreply from us, it could be due to the following: